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Witness Talk for Cursillo

Witness Talk for Cursillo - Written in 2011

I began life on the 20th June 1967 at 2pm on a Tuesday morning at Bulli Hospital.

I was baptized a Catholic as a baby; I have two (2) sisters and a brother.

I grew up in Warilla, housing commission and going to school both primary and secondary there and tertiary at North Wollongong TAFE.

I never grew up in the Catholic religion neither did any of my siblings or other relatives.

My family was poor not anything like third world standards we never starved we always had clothing to fit and celebrated Christmas and Easter festivities we always had school and education material.

My father and mother had personal problems and illnesses which put pressure on me as a child from around seven (7) or eight (8) to look after the family such as cooking and preparing school lunches for my younger sisters and brother.

At around twelve (12) I was baptised into the Uniting Church, very good people from this church helped our family to get over the many problems we had.  I gave my life to Christ at a Father and Son's day meeting at a Uniting Church in Port Kembla.  I was at the time reluctant to attend church with the family I know now satan had his claws in me.

My family became wealthy well $60,000 in 1985 it was as a result of two (2) car accidents my father had had and as a result received a lump sum payment.

My parents purchased a house and we thought things might be changing for the better for the family only to learn a couple of months later that my father had malignant cancer of the pancreas and liver he passed away three (3) months later I was eighteen (18) years old, it was 1985.

I was working and studying at the time as a Security Technician in Wollongong, at the age of twenty-two (22) I was running my employer’s business.  I had to take on a huge responsibility of maintaining and liaising with their customers.

I became engaged around this time and did the wrong thing, the engagement never worked out and I have never married, thank God for I am meant to be with Keminuel.

My employer’s business changed hands and I began my own business in 1992-93 whilst still studying at TAFE.  I completed an Associate Diploma in Electrical / Electronic Engineering in 1995.

Around 1995 I had a meeting with a new customer and subsequent meetings after made me aware of WHO I AM, that is St Paul he knew but I did not enlighten him Mr Tibor Singer (Tiberius) now a close friend of course since has passed he and his wife.

I still wasn't convinced as to WHO I AM or what I have achieved for God through Christ, both in a Christian and Spiritual sense as a person under Christ Jesus.

This realisation and awareness never inspired me to great determination for God or his son Jesus, the knowledge of the Holy Spirit within me I didn’t even consider to be evident.

I never attended church I was more a Christian sinner I had some very lucky escapes with driving not under the influence of alcohol and some under the influence of alcohol.

I came to learn that one of my motor vehicle incidents, which nothing dangerous happened but could of quite easily been a very bad outcome, I had no control over the car it stopped in a perfectly safe position thanks to divine control, later I learned through Jesus that it was ArchAngel Michael in control of the vehicle and steering wheel and not me, I had actually let go of the steering wheel, thank God no one was injured.  I was eighteen (18) or nineteen (19) and in my rebellious state due to losing my Father.

My business had many growing problems I was in a very deep hole financially.  My mother made her home available for me I managed to borrow money clear my debts and expanded to a profitable situation but I was not operating in an honest way.

I began to look at myself and my past I didn’t like what I was, what I had done and what I was doing.  I cannot remember when I started looking inwardly too myself.  It may have been before or as a direct result of a vision I had one night, the vision was God directly looking at me and talking to me.  I was surrounded by empty darkness, nothing around me or below me just darkness I wasn’t standing on anything I was just suspended in space.

I was trapped in my mind and God showed me what I was and what I believe was happening to me.  It was quite amazing how my mind received the vision something like at high speed, like watching a video cassette on TV in fast forward motion.

From that moment on I knew without a doubt that there were a God and Jesus whom I never really knew.  Suddenly everything became clear, the bible, disciples, prophets and God’s opposition.  I knew I was a bad sinner and for awhile I became a clean man.

Suddenly all my dreams had meaning, such as one I recall about me sometimes chasing a creature like from the movie Gremlins, or sometimes it was chasing me, this meant to me I was going the wrong way in life in my actions and my sinning or on the other hand, sin, the creature was after me I would be jumping and end up falling.

This happened to me several times, one time I recall it happened a Women’s voice within my room said as plain as day when I was falling in nothing but black space, I quote, “wake up Paul” and with sudden attention I did so only to look around the room to see who it was and see no one there, it was Keminuel.

All my dreams and visions of spiritual things I have seen have become embedded in my mind not knowing what some of them are such as a clear floating figure, a shiny transparent black and gold disk hovering, two (2) small balls of what I perceive as energy entering my body.  I thought I had seen God and Jesus and another image I thought to be the Holy Spirit but I am not sure, I later found out who the Holy Spirit is.

One night early in the morning an evil presence a spiritual being came upon me whilst laying in bed, I couldn’t speak trying to summon up a word into my mouth it felt impossible I found deep within me a voice to cry out the name “Jesus”, I felt the being lifted off me and almost felt it leaving out my bedroom window, I slowly felt my inner voice returning to normal I later realised it was black stick spider.

Another night my office had a black out it was around 2:00am, my business was a 24 hour operation, I was called so I had to go to the office, after a while the power returned and I went home, as I got out of the car a voice within me said to get a torch because my units were still in black out I felt nervous even scared but I replied with my inner voice, “no I’ll be right”, as I approached the stairs I became even more nervous and scarred I grabbed my alarm remote control to activate the panic alarm. 

I was expecting to be attacked it was pitch black, as I walked up the stairs halve way I felt something at my legs it felt like something that I had seen, not a vision but something real and living, it was clear in form and crouched in stature,  I walked past it and got to the top of the stairs put the key in the door and turned to look down the stairs at it and said “In JESUS Name, You looser”, it immediately jumped up on to me I became very anxious and nervous to get inside the unit.  It was satan.

I still didn’t attend church I didn’t know which church to go to and was afraid to go to church.

I had spiritual voices at me all the time in me or around me Jesus managed to reach me and told me to purchase three (3) Crucifixes and have them blessed.  So I went to the Catholic Cathedral/Office because they were a client of mine and Fr Shaun Cullen blessed them, this was my closest contact with a church, I hung the crucifixes in my lounge room, bedroom and study.

The following morning I became dizzy when I sat up out of bed, I vomited a yellow substance, the voices never returned again until some years latter but this time not instructing me or making me think what I was to become or do, this I keep to myself.

I knew I had to get out of the situation or trap I had placed myself in and selling my business was the way to get out of it.

After selling the business I began reading the Good News Bible and other Christian Books, I travelled around Australia always with the Bible and most importantly I loved embracing the Gideon Bible which is, I found in every hotel I stayed in, I think everyone?

After returning home, I reluctantly became a sinner again and did some horrible things.  I moved to Forster for a year where I attended a Jehovah Witness Church but mostly, Seven Day Adventist Churches this church mainly because God’s Sabbath day is a Saturday which they worship on and they celebrate a lunch after the service this I found to be very hospitable.   I was doing bible study with these churches mainly on prophecy and the books of Daniel and Revelation.

I was inspired to go overseas so I went to Greece, all over Israel, Rome-Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Mt Sinai, Kenya, Spain and my heritage family name Ireland.  I did this for personal reasons and beliefs, both on a fact-finding mission and a personal and spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy sites. 

It was 2003 I returned to Australia after seven (7) months and purchased a computer business in Burwood, Sydney it lasted about seven (7) months.

I had a nervous breakdown and was spiritually attacked partly because of my sinful ways.  I returned to my mother’s home where I was looked after and supported.  I began to frequent the Catholic Church in 2005 and went through RCIA to be confirmed into the church in 2008, I have been increasing my Christian faith slowly and daily from that point on.

I am happy to say that God through Jesus my saviour and brother and the Holy Spirit in ME, I AM on the road of Piety, Study and Action.

I am a very blessed man!
Blessed be God forever!
Praise Lord Jesus, amen!


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